Tall Battery Seat (Surron // Segway)
Tall Battery Seat (Surron // Segway)
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Tall Battery Seat (Surron // Segway)

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Specially designed seat for Sur-Ron and Segway ebikes with taller than stock replacement batteries.  Please note this seat adds substantial height so will suit taller riders. It provides greatly improved comfort, better manouverability, better grip. Less pressure on your knees due to increased seat height as well as improved rider control due to additional knee grip area. The Sur-Ron seat is too narrow and short. For agressive riding it has no grip around the battery cover where knees should be able to squeeze and grip for greater control and stability.

This seat sits over the existing stock seat and straps on. Replacement straps are available. It has a reccess where the battery cover is located to allow room for taller batteries. Please note as there are many variations of custom batteries the seat may need to be modified by you to fit best. This would require the removal or addition of some underside foam at the front underside of the seat.

Please note, that the two straps on the underside of the seat should only be tightened when on a bike. Some customers have pulled the seat straps tight off the bike, and snapped the straps. 

Dimensions: 65 x 32 x 21cm
Weight: 2.4kg